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Side Channel Analysis (SCA) for IoT developers - A practical introduction


From an information security perspective, protecting sensitive data requires utilizing algorithms which resist theoretical attacks. However, treating an algorithm in a purely mathematical fashion and thus neglecting its physical (hardware or software) implementation opens the door to various real-world security threats. Cryptographic devices often have additional, unintended output such as their execution time, power consumption, electromagnetic radiation, light emissions, acoustic and heat emanations, and so on. Naturally, the simple occurrence of such output, also known as side channel leakage or side channel information, does not automatically compromise the sensitive data: a sound strategy to exploit side channel information is paramount. The field of study that deals with such techniques is formally known as Side Channel Analysis (or short: SCA).

The end goal of this training is to enable you to protect your devices and applications against basic side-channel analysis attacks. Your journey will first take you through the theoretical foundations: you will learn what a side channel is, get familiar with practical examples and understand the typical flow of an attack. To make this adventure more meaningful, we recommend always completing the practical assignments before moving on. Using a device that fits in the palm of your hand you will have the ultimate power of performing side-channel attacks on whatever implementation you can think of. We hope you enjoy this training and wish you good luck.

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  • [Open] Side Channel Analysis (SCA) for IoT developers - A practical introduction
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