Automotive: Secure code development - Part 3



Safety is critical for the automotive industry and software is a major component of a modern car. Coding guidelines such as MISRA-C promote best practices in developing safety-related embedded systems by providing rules and rationales for code development. Some MISRA-C rules have security implications, and it is important to understand why otherwise you will shoot yourself in the foot. In this training, we give examples of code that follows the MISRA-C rules but can be used to compromise the system. Starting from such an example, we illustrate the shortcomings of secure code development guidelines. We dive into the economics of secure coding and give you the resources to follow-up.

This is the third of the three-part series of security training in automotive.

Benefits: We cannot promise that you learn to write secure code in 3 hours (we are still working on that!), but you will understand the shortcomings of secure coding guidelines. In addition, you will understand the cost of fixing vulnerabilities in the different stages of product development and get the tools to argue threat responses.

-2 hours live webinar
-1 hour optional homework
-1 hour live Q&A session

Date: 2019/05/14 Days: 1 Location: Online


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