Automotive: Security Requirements Engineering - Part 2



Requirements are the ingredients for a good product but do not on their own lead to the expected results. The key is their interpretation and implementation. Modern product specifications in the automotive industry often include security requirements. Save time in learning how to adhere to the security requirements by getting an in-depth overview of the five most common TARA methodologies. In this module, we go over the details of each methodology and compare and contrast their strengths and limitations. We close off with a case study where we use a set of predefined security requirements. We follow a TARA process using the different available methodologies and propose technical specifications. We pay special attention to the meaning and effective implementation of these security requirements.

This is the second of the three-part series of security training in automotive.

Benefits: You save money and time by accelerating the process of writing technical solutions that meet the OEMs’ security requirements. You learn to ask the right questions and avoid common pitfalls in the implementation There is no way around the self-study of the methodologies, but we can give you a jumpstart and guide you through the entire process.

-2 hours live webinar
-1 hour optional homework
-1 hour live Q&A session

Date: 2019/04/09 Days: 1 Location: Online

  • Section 1a. Introduction to Security Requirements
  • Exercise on security requirements
  • Section 1b. Introduction to Security Requirements
  • Section 1. Interactive questions
  • Section 1. Slides
  • Section 2a. Security Requirements - Implementation Challenges
  • Section 2b. Security Requirements - Implementation Challenges
  • Section 2. Interactive questions
  • Section 2. Slides
  • Section 3a. TARA methodologies
  • Section 3b. TARA methodologies
  • Section 3c. TARA methodologies
  • Section 3d. TARA methodologies
  • Section 3. Interactive questions
  • Section 3. Slides
  • Section 4a. TARA for an example case study
  • Section 4b. TARA for an example case study
  • Section 4c. Summary & link to third part of the course
  • Section 4. Interactive questions
  • Section 4. Slides
  • Wrap-up slides
  • Homework package
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed