Automotive: Fast track your security - Part 1



Adding security to a product is expensive. Some costs can be easily quantified (e.g., performance penalty in the product) while others (expertise and communication) are revealed in the process. Finding the optimum trade-off between the benefits of security features and their cost requires experience. You can speed up your learning process by reviewing the lessons learned from other industries such as payment and content protection. In a span of a few years, these industries have practically eliminated the threat of a professional hacking their products. In this course, we apply lessons learned from other industries to fast track your automotive security.

This is the first of the three-part series of security training in automotive.

Benefits: You fast track your security by analyzing the lessons learned from other mature industries. In this 3 hour course, you learn how to use security terms and improve your understanding of security risks. You analyze requirements and establish priorities for building secure products and processes.
All the lessons we share in this short course are immediately actionable.

-2 hours live webinar
-1 hour optional homework
-1 hour live Q&A session

Date: 2019/03/05 Days: 1 Location: Online

  • Introduction
  • Section 1. Introduction to Automotive Security
  • Section 1. Slides
  • Section 2a. Security terminology
  • Section 2b. Security terminology
  • Section 2. Slides
  • Section 2. Interactive questions
  • Section 3. Lessons learned from other industries
  • Section 3. Slides
  • Section 3. Interactive questions
  • Section 4. Comparing safety and security processes
  • Section 4. Slides
  • Section 4. Interactive questions
  • Wrap-up Slides
  • Homework package
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed