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Side Channel Analysis, May 25-27 (20200525)

Location: Delft.

Modern electronic systems may leak unintended information related to the data or operations they are processing through side channels such as the instantaneous power consumption, electromagnetic radiation, etc. Analyzing the impact of such leakage is known as side channel analysis (SCA) and is a standard industry practice. Regardless of your background, our training is designed to make you understand what makes SCA easy or difficult.

This course provides the foundation knowledge and skills to evaluate the resistance of cryptographic implementations to side channel analysis. The main learning objective of the three day training is the methodology of applying SCA to a wide range of devices from the very simple, unprotected smartcards to implementations protected with advanced countermeasures or complex embedded applications.

While the concepts we teach are generic and can be replicated using different equipment, during the training we use our Riscure Inspector - tool. With Inspector we can effectively demonstrate a wide range of concepts; it is an all-in-one solution, is constantly updated and has state of the art methods.

At the end of the course, by means of hands-on exercises, you will:

• Become comfortable with the workflow for performing side channel analysis testing.

• Are able to perform inspection of a target using Simple Power Analysis (SPA).

•Perform differential- and Correlation Power Analysis on DES and AES (DPA/CPA).

• You will have an overview of the countermeasures against SCA.

At the end of the training you have a thorough understanding of power and electromagnetic analysis methods and you are able to perform testing on both smart cards and embedded chips. You are able to assess the robustness of chips with no or basic countermeasures of moderate complexity.

What are our trainees saying?

I would tell that it covers basic as well as advanced topics that would take someone from knowing almost nothing in SCA to a position where he can directly start working in that field.

It is a good way to get up to speed with side channel attacks and how to use a lot of the software. You learn a lot of good techniques that you wouldn't come by on your own necessarily.
(Received April 2017)

A very useful and interactive training to get a crash course on performing SCA and FI attacks on real hardware.
(Received April 2017)

The knowledge and enthusiasm of the trainers and working in teams.
(Received April 2017)

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Date: 2020/05/25 Days: 3 Location: Delft

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