Introduction to Software Exploitation, May 21-22 (20190521)

Embedded Systems → Software security


Location: Delft.

In this course we look at typical mitigation techniques and/or bypassing techniques which make software exploitation hard. We cover the basics of memory corruption issues, specifics of embedded device and kernel exploitation as well as common mitigation techniques and the different approaches to bypass them. We additionally touch upon less common mitigation techniques that try to address these shortcomings.

Key learning objectives
• Exploit stack and corruption vulnerabilities.
• Apply common mitigation techniques, including stack cookies, ASLR and XN
• Apply techniques for bypassing the most common mitigation techniques.
• Use state-of-the-art countermeasures against software exploitation, such as Control Flow Integrity and
related techniques

Date: 2019/05/21 Days: 2 Location: Delft


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