Embedded Systems Security - March 2017 (20170327)
Embedded Systems Security - March 2017 (20170327)
Riscure offers a four day hands-on course covering the most relevant attacks for embedded systems. This is a foundation course recommended for anyone interested in security from a system level perspective. The main focus of the course is hardware...
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Side channel analysis, Delft, April 2017 (20170403)
Side channel analysis, Delft, April 2017 (20170403)
Any electronic system leaks information through side channels such as the power consumption, electromagnetic radiation, etc. Analyzing the impact of such leakage is known as side channel analysis (SCA) and is the standard industry practice....
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Fault Injection, Delft, April 2017 (20170406)
Fault Injection, Delft, April 2017 (20170406)
Fault injection and perturbation testing techniques actively manipulate a side channel on a chip by applying short laser, voltage or clock cycle pulses. In this training course, we address questions like how to recognize where and when to inject...
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ARM Reverse Engineering, May 2017 (20170501)
ARM Reverse Engineering, May 2017 (20170501)
Have you always wondered how to take a piece of software apart and understand its inner workings? Have you wondered how to extract useful information from a binary file? The Reverse Engineering training for software applications aims to do just...
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White Box Cryptography, Delft, May 2017 (20170515)
White Box Cryptography, Delft, May 2017 (20170515)
Software crypto plays a large role in securing for instance content and mobile payments, but how does it stand up to local attackers with full control over a device? After taking the course, you will know how to attack software obfuscated...
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Software Exploitation and Mitigation Techniques, Delft, May 2017 (20170529)
Software Exploitation and Mitigation Techniques, Delft, May 2017 (20170529)
Almost any piece of code contains bugs. Some bugs more serious than others. But how do you know how serious is a bug once found? In this course we cover the basics of memory corruption issues, specifics of embedded device and kernel exploitation....
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Advanced SCA, Delft, July 2017 (20170724)
Advanced SCA, Delft, July 2017 (20170724)
Take your side channel analysis skills to the next level with our two days advanced training. During two days of intense training you prepare for analyzing the resilience of advanced implementations with strong countermeasures against side...
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