White Box Cryptography (20171030)
White Box Cryptography (20171030)
Available on request Software crypto plays a large role in securing for instance content and mobile payments, but how does it stand up to local attackers with full control over a device? After taking the course, you will know how to...
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Advanced SCA, 3-4 September (20180903)
Advanced SCA, 3-4 September (20180903)
Location: Delft Take your side channel analysis skills to the next level with our two days advanced training. During two days of intense training you prepare for analyzing the resilience of advanced implementations with strong...
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Advanced FI, 5-6 September (20180905)
Advanced FI, 5-6 September (20180905)
Location: Delft Evaluation of a target’s fault injection resilience has typically three phases: target profiling, setup creation and the search for a successful glitch. During target profiling the evaluator learns as much as possible...
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Side channel analysis, 15-17 October (20181015)
Side channel analysis, 15-17 October (20181015)
Location: Delft. Modern electronic systems may leak unintended information related to the data or operations they are processing through side channels such as the instantaneous power consumption, electromagnetic radiation, etc....
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Fault Injection, 18-19 October (20181018)
Fault Injection, 18-19 October (20181018)
Location: Delft. Fault injection attacks are designed to influence the intended behavior of embedded systems by changing a critical value or by changing the fl ow of a program. Faults can be used to exploit or bypass robust security...
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Secure Code Development Bootcamp, November 5-6 (20181105)
Secure Code Development Bootcamp, November 5-6 (20181105)
Location: Delft. The main objective of the training is to enable developers to find vulnerabilities in their code by covering the what, why and how of code auditing. We show why compliance with code standards (e.g. MISRA-C) is not...
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Hardening Secure Boot, November 7 (20181107)
Hardening Secure Boot, November 7 (20181107)
Location: Delft. This workshop covers the most common pitfalls of secure boot implementation based on our extensive security evaluation experience. We discuss common logical vulnerabilities that allow attackers to bypass secure boot and...
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Embedded Security for Automotive, 19-21 November (20181119)
Embedded Security for Automotive, 19-21 November (20181119)
Location: Delft. Modern cars are digital devices, controlled with multiple ECUs and millions of lines of software code. They are the frontline of modern embedded device development. With respect to unique safety requirements and rapid...
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Since 2017 several national and private schemes mandate the application of deep learning in side-channel analysis (SCA) evaluations of state-of-the-art secure crypto implementations. Deep learning is an advanced machine learning technique that...
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Fault Injection for Embedded Targets (on-line) (FIETON)
Fault Injection for Embedded Targets (on-line) (FIETON)
With the interactive content of this course, you learn evaluate the resilience of embedded targets with respect to faults injection. You learn how to build a fault injection setup, first virtually and then using Inspector material, you analyze...
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