Riscure security training academy

Practical and hands-on learning

The mission of the Riscure Training Academy  is to reduce your learning curve for expert security knowledge. We make extensive use of our skills, knowledge and experience gained through R&D, security testing and tool development to facilitate  growth in your organization.


 As we continuously learn and improve in our services and tools we make sure our training is always up-to-date. By focusing on the relevant challenges that security technology brings today, and tomorrow, you never fall behind or get surprised. Gain your competitive edge through our training and consultancy services.

Our Training Program

We believe that Learning by doing is essential to develop the skillset needed. Our training programs excel in being hands-on and interactive. Starting with creating a good conceptual understanding we quickly move on to apply your knowledge to real-world examples.


Our training can be provided in-company or in open sessions at one of our offices. The programs we list here are for teams seeking building blocks to gain knowledge. Additionally we offer consultancy services and tailored training programs specifically crafted for building your specific security expertise.